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TORCH Insurance Program

Protecting and improving the financial health of your hospital is easier when you participate in the TORCH Insurance Program.

As member participation grows, so does your opportunity to:

  • SAVE as volume driven buying power creates greater cost control and top line expense reduction
  • PROFIT from strategic risk management services and resources that drive bottom line growth (now available to all TORCH members) 
  • GROW by leveraging the existing critical mass through increased participation to create even greater innovation and buying power

In partnership with HealthSure, the endorsed program manager, TORCH provides members with:

  • Leveraged buying power
  • Greater choice and flexibility in terms and conditions
  • A single point of contact for all insurance products, services and risk management programs
  • A dedicated, personalized, hands-on approach
  • Over 30 years of expert knowledge of hospital issues and opportunities

TORCH has chosen HealthSure, one of the largest specialty agents and brokers in Texas, because the combination of HealthSure’s negotiation strength and the collective buying power of our members, enables us to deliver the best value at the best rates. And, as more members participate, this power continues to grow.

Now is the best time for you to explore everything the TORCH Insurance Program has to offer.

Whether you are looking into the program for the very first time or are already participating, the program has something new and valuable for you. Among your many options are:

  • Learn more about all of the insurance options available
  • Take advantage of one of the complimentary educational and self-analysis tools available
  • Participate in a private, complimentary opportunity discovery process with the program manager 

Insurance Options
The insurance program is comprehensive, flexible and customized to the unique needs of community and rural hospitals. The insurance options available include:

  • Property Insurance
  • Employee Benefits and Group Health Insurance
  • Hospital Professional Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Physician’s Medical Malpractice
  • Privacy Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation (Direct discounts with HOTComp)
  • Automobile and Ambulance Insurance
  • Self-Insurance Alternatives

Opportunities for taking action
To learn more about any option within the TORCH Insurance Program, please contact a member of the HealthSure team:


Brant Couch

They offer complimentary consultation on any issue or opportunity related to your insurance and risk management. HealthSure also offers complimentary learning resources and a great e-newsletter called HealthSure Headlines.

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