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TORCH Insurance Program launches “Awareness Campaign”

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

With five years of building significant momentum and developing new ways to meet the risk management needs of all TORCH members under our belts, we are launching a campaign to boost awareness and participation in the TORCH insurance program.

Under the banner “PARTICIPATION Insures Healthier TORCH Hospitals”, we are presenting an ongoing stream of information, education, and risk planning assistance to help all members understand and benefit from our insurance program’s ability to create immediate bottom line results for their hospitals.

The program enables your hospital to:

  • SAVE as volume driven buying power means greater cost control and top line expense reduction

  • PROFIT from strategic risk management services and resources that drive bottom line growth (now available to all TORCH members)

  • GROW by leveraging the existing critical mass through increased participation to create even greater innovation and buying power

Supported by HealthSure, our program partner, we are offering a variety of ways for you to benefit from the TORCH insurance program… even before you decide if participation is right for you. These will be made available to you through various e-mail campaigns, events and published articles.

To kick the campaign off, all TORCH members are invited to ask for two strategic risk planning and self-assessment tools. The first is a three-year risk planner called The Cost Control Calendar that presents strategies for taking permanent control of your costs. And, new this month, The Renewal Readiness Self-Assessment, will help you take greater control of your employee benefit insurance renewal process.

Over the weeks and months ahead, watch for articles in Frontline and Marketplace and announcements and offers of additional learning, planning and assessment tools.

Quick Facts About the TORCH Insurance Program:

  • As of August 2011, over 50 TORCH hospitals are participating in the program. (Participation is the key to leveraging buying power.)

  • The high cost of employee health insurance is being addressed through the development of a buying alliance.

  • Since 2007, member participation has increased by 27%, the number of policies has increased by 197%, and the total buying power has tripled!

  • Participants have access to world-class strategies, tools and resources for reducing risk, eliminating gaps or overlaps, and getting more for every insurance dollar they spend. (These resources are available to non-program participants.)

  • Every TORCH member benefits as the financial health of fellow members is protected and improved.

Contact Barry Couch or Brant Couch for more information and to request The Cost Control Calendar, The Renewal Readiness Self-Assessment and all other tools HealthSure has available.