TLMI Leadership E-tip #1:
Olympic Coach Mentality

Greetings Torch members! In the coming months, I will be sharing a variety of leadership and staff engagement ideas from my keynote, Lead in High Definition at the Annual Conference and the TLMI Institute. In this issue I’ll begin with one of my favorites, High Definition Leaders embrace the “Olympic Coach Mentality.”

Just like Olympic coaches, High Definition leaders believe it’s a privilege and honor to serve and lead their team and will do everything possible to help their “athlete” or team succeed. I’m sure you agree it doesn’t take special talent to simply perform tasks and complete reports. It does, however, take real skill and dedication to motivate, develop and raise team performance. Just like Olympic coaches committed to helping their athletes win the gold, here are six proven strategies you can use to lead in high definition.

1. Set clear goals and expectations for each team member.

2. Provide the training and skills they need to perform well.

3. Be sure to observe, provide coaching and offer specific feedback.

4. Offer words of praise, recognition and appreciation for any improvements, no matter how big or small.

5. Do not tolerate mediocrity or excuses – hold people accountable for results.

6. Know the dreams, goals and aspirations of each team member.

So now you have the secrets Olympic coaches use to create an exceptional team. By using the above six strategies, you will be equipped to lead in HD and create a team of High Definition People®. The good news is High Definition People® clearly see what they can do to positively impact the patient experience and raise your HCAHPS scores!

In fact, I’d like to recognize Linda Rasor and her great team at Castro Valley Health Care. In our recent leadership program the managers committed to using a more structured coaching process to engage and develop their team members.

TIP – Ask your staff to imagine they are an Olympic athlete and you have been retained as their coach to help them win a Gold medal. Then ask, “what do you expect me to do for you each week to help raise your performance?” Listen carefully to their answers as they will signal exactly what they need to be a top performer.

As a new corporate member, I’m here to serve you as a resource. Please let me know how I can help with any team building, leadership or staff programs. I’ll be in Texas soon!

“Outstanding job Barbara! You were by far the highest rated speaker in our staff development and leadership series. Your energizing and idea-packed session, ‘Engage Staff, Deliver Service, Dream Big’! was the perfect message to get everyone to take ownership and accept responsibility for patient satisfaction and their own work and life satisfaction. The comments on our staff evaluations were full of praise and superlatives!”
– Jeanne Wilson, Manager, Training and Development, Slidell Memorial Hospital

Barbara Sanfilippo
High Definition People®
Author of “Dream Big! What’s the Best that Can Happen?”

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