Increasing Value in Health Care from a Rural Perspective

Are you hearing more about the need to increase value in health care, but wondering how to approach it from a rural perspective?

The RUPRI Rural Health Center and Stratis Health have developed the Rural Health Value website, sponsored by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP). At the website, you’ll find a variety of resources to help rural providers, communities, and other key stakeholders transition to a value-based health care delivery system. Two resource examples you can find at include:

  • A 10-minute video describes The Value Transformation of Rural Health Care. This conversational video (and the accompanying discussion guide) introduces the value transformation in rural health care, discusses how rural health care is rapidly changing, and suggests strategies to navigate the changing health care environment. Health care leaders can use this video and discussion guide during staff, board, and community meetings to inform audiences and inspire conversation.
  • A presentation discusses The Merger Frenzy. During health care organization affiliation discussions, the local health care system should be considered as a community treasure. Joseph Lupica, a national health care affiliation expert, embraces the Rural Health Value “stop and think” step during health care organization planning. Review Mr. Lupica’s interview and presentation for insights about the health care affiliation process.

In addition to these two resources, provides access to more than 50 original documents and links on topics critical to those interested in rural health care. Other Rural Health Value resources include:

Please explore to find the resources you need to help your rural health care organization or community move successfully into a value-based future. Also, be sure to click on Share Your Rural Innovation. We welcome your ideas. Also, please forward this email to others interested in rural health care value.

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